Saturday, 2 July 2011


 I am truly amazed the extent to which my left thigh has recovered this week.  As I wrote  previously on Tuesday I drew the line after 2 miles on the grass  on the basis that any further would be detrimental.   I mentioned that what seemed to work best was the polystyrene cup ICE MASSAGER.  A couple of people this week said that they had not thought of this method as a way of relief.  so to clarify here's a picture.
It works for me......! Obviously it will melt as you use it, so you have to keep cutting the cup down and, of course, don't forget to lay a towel down under your leg so your carpet doesn't get soaked!

  I'll certainly be resting the legs this afternoon as the ENGLISH SCHOOLS TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS are on SKY from 2 to 6.   It's been a very busy  few weeks for the team at Fastrax  sorting out kit for the counties to wear up in Gateshead.  It's very satisfying to then see the kit being worn and of course as the event it is the TV it's a welcome bonus.
  In a perfect world all today's winners would go on to represent
Great Britain as senior athletes but for some winning today will be as good as it gets.  Many defeated finalists go instead to be the champions of tomorrow.

It's  that time of the year again when all the running company reps drop in to show me their exciting new shoes and apparel ( as they all call it ) for next spring/ summer.  Yesterday it was Kurt from Nike who drew my attention to a new video for the LUNARGLIDE 3 which is "launching now". 
The video is the best I've seen which illustrates NIKE's DYNAMIC SUPPORT system.   Take a peek.....

No speedwork or race for me in my "easy" week  which meant for once doing the 2 res run today i was actually a tad fresher for it. Cosequently instead if ambling around in 62 to 63 minutes as normal after a long run or  a speed session I ended up racing the time to try to dip under 60 minutes
eventually hitting the button bang on in 60.00 !
                              If  you are racing this weekend, have a good one....!!

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