Friday, 22 July 2011

Nike SportWatch GPS....and a mountain of dead skin!

I was feeling fairly upbeat as I reported at the local NHS chiropody department for an appointment made 6 months ago.   I  took one of two seats outside the treatment room and with a lady occupying the other seat I thought at first I might have a 20 minute wait.
 But she immediately reassured me that I wouldn't have to wait long, she  said,
  "I'm just waiting for my mother and besides they  only treat the over 65s , don't they!"
So that was my bubble burst after a couple of more favourable comments from customers in the shop last week!   In reply I bit my tongue and said that they did treat younger people as well.
 I was there to have  the POROKEROTOTIC lesions (seed corns) scalped out: a  process I wrote about fully last year (June 26th).   The appointment was very opportune,  following the last visit in February,  as  over the last couple of weeks  I was starting to fell  discomfort in area of the metatarsal pads. It's felt more on the left foot so obviously a consequence of my gait.
 After twenty minutes of slicing away with her freshly sterilized scalpel , twenty minutes in which the affable lady chiropodist proudly tells me about her sons and their university careers,   the floor is covered with shavings and she brushes up a "mountain of dead skin".
 The feet are a bit delicate but  no real concern as yesterday and today I only had to log up 2 short easy  runs  before tomorrow's 10 miler on the Fylde coast  just to the east of Blackpool.  
 I first ran the 10 mile distance back in 1974 and had regularly run anything up to half a dozen 10s in a year to a present total of 102. But  as times  have steadily slowed ,   I think I must have been trying to avoid an abyss, namely going over the 70 minute mark.  Consequently  I've only raced 2 in the last 5 years.
  Anyway , tomorrow it's time to stop avoiding the inevitable.  If I'm to tackle a half later a few 10 milers would serve as good build up races ....even if the finishing time begins with a 7.  Needs must and all that.
  Going back to age,  one person who defintely defies the date on her birth certificate  is my dear wife Pat. It's her ** birthday tomorrow,  so perhaps to help her return to racing  ,  we've taken a NIKE SportWatch with Tom Tom GPS from COMPLETE RUNNER stock for her to play with. for full spec. but meanwhile  you might like to check out some videos.

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