Monday, 1 August 2011

A return to Golden Acre Park

 Yesterday's 12 miler was without doubt the best distance training run of the year.  So naturally I wasn't going to be up for much today; whether quality or quantity.  I decided to drive to Golden Acre Park on the way to Leeds where I have raced once,  but never used for training.    I hadn't figured on it being so very busy with it being school holiday time,  but within minutes the trails were pretty empty and I managed 4 slow miles.   Could become another regular training spot.
 The park  was the venue for last week's GOLDEN ACRE RELAY.  A 3 x 2.75 mile grass/ttrail evening relay hosted by Leeds based club, ABBEY RUNNERS.  I went up last Wednesday to hopefully advance video technique which I apprecate is still pretty basic  whilst , of course,
enjoying some local action which I see less of being a member of a North West club.
  The delay in posting is due to the universal problem Youtube have in deleting the original audio sound track and replacing it with the piece of music  chosen  from their approved catalogue.
  For those unfamiliar this procedure known as "audioswap"  youtube says it will take " a few minutes"....but I gave up after 3 DAYS as I suspect thousands of people worldwide have.
     3 days is a lot of minutes Youtube.
Apparently this function has had problems for several years!
 Consequently I did my own thing with "Fanfare for the Common Man " by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.....................


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