Thursday, 14 July 2011

 Probably the majority of club runners who competed in Sunday's race have already put  themselves through a speed session at race pace.  Many no doubt  giving themselves only one day recovery  before "locking horns " down their club on Tuesday night.  Problem being that at the club are many who haven't raced the previous Sunday and  it's hard to just do your own thing.
 No temptation of me, Billy No Mates, as I decide when to force it and when not to.  Perhaps I'm too complacent!  But over the years I've been forced by slower recovery rate  to postpone the speed session and this week  the track session will be tomorrow, Friday.
 Not that I've been totally idle since Sunday's race.   A flat 5 on Monday,  followed by a 7 running into the Nelson shop via the canal.
 I always have company on the first stretch of the Leeds Liverpool canal from Salterforth to Foulridge the shape of a heron! When it  spots  me coming, it prepares for take off then flies in front.....lands....waits for me to catch up...then repeats the game several times before giving up and flying off!
 Sunday's race was the 4th of 5 in the Manchester parks series.  The last at Boggart Hole Clough is
very hilly and mindful of that and generally concerned to  stay in touch with hill work, yesterday I revisited the Ilkley trail race route.   A race which unfortunately clashed this year with our Sale 5.

A great course with great views back over Ilkley and up to the Cow and Calf and Ilkley moor generally.   Not the most testing of climbs in the valley but quite enough for hamstrings still fragile from Sunday.
 So much so that I made today's run as flat as possible.  A 6 miler on the road out and back from the Ilkley shop.  A  first run in the new LUNARGLIDE 3 which i featured on the blog last week.  Today I was aiming for a "steady" average pace which for me would be 8.30..51 in total.
 The shoe didn't let me down.   51.03.   An extremely comfortable  upper,  well cushioned without being too forgiving  and the supportive benefit of the dynamic  system  was very apparent.   Certainly a winner for the long runs if I can get used to having a black shoe on my feet for running.

1986. A look back at this week 25 years ago.

 Reviewing the list of races run in 1986 it would appear that I decided to have on "last hurrah" at this time of year then take a break.  14 races, including 2 marathons and 3 half marathons, had obviously taken a toll and it was time to consolidate.
 The last race before the break was the KIRK DEIGHTON 10 MILE ROAD RACE.  To be frank the event is memorable for not being memorable!  I have even had to look up where Kirk Deighton is and it still dosn't ring a bell!
 However, results show it was another show of strength and depth by Leeds based club, Valley Striders with 5 of us in the first 13.  The race was won by S. Sutcliffe of Gateshead in 50.46, Brian Eden  was our first home in second place in 51.12 with Sheffield's Carl Nightingale 3rd in 51.20.
Harrogate's Ben Grant,  who is still running extremely well in his '60s,  was 5th in 51.46.
 The other Valley Striders up front were Hilary Mc Ewan (7th in 52.07)  Jeff Coulson (52.42)
myself (11th in 53.20)  and Terry Bean (13th. in 53.26) .  Blog reader Martin Lister was 26th in 56.26. 
 I only have the first sheet of the results. It shows that Paul Stockburn of Harrogate ran 57.26 for 40th position.   A time which would have been good enough for 5th place in last weekend's Eccup 10 mile and 2nd in the recent Otley 10 miler.  Answers on a postcard.....!?
 So  it was time for a break from racing.  Next race  another 10 miler at Burnsall on August 23rd.

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  1. After a Sunday race I prefer to leave the speed session for the Thursday. I could still force one out on the Monday or Tuesday, but would suffer lethargy and reduced training for the rest of that week. I don't tend to go to the track on the Thursday before a Sunday race either. Experience has found that I have not got the discipline to hold back when others are chasing or if I am chasing them. 'Track mates' are great when you need to be pushed, not so great if you need to recover.