Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The weekend....... still in the legs

  After the Elswick Express 10 miler  on Saturday, Birthday girl, Pat, and I returned to the M6 and headed north to the Lake District for a couple of nights.
  Waking to the dreadful ,horrific mass killings in Norway and the death of 27 year old Amy Winehouse, we determined to lift the spirits with a short cruise on Ullswater. We would board the lake steamer from Glenridding, get off at Howtown on the other side of the lake and walk back to Glenridding via Patterdale.
A walk of 7 miles according to the guides.

 The boat gradually filled with over a hundred people and I had thought that the majority would be  going all the way up the lake to Pooley Bridge.  Not so.....

 As we moored at Howtown it seemed  more than half the passengers were getting off as well and had the same plan in mind.  So much so that  having raced on Saturday, we were racing again on Sunday! As we all headed across the jetty and made for the narrow lake side trail.

Unlike most motorists,  walkers in front seemed to sense those coming onto their rear and would pull aside.
So we made good , steady progress.
Not that speed was the main objective of course as the route offers tremendous elevated views of Ullswater from north to south.
 A very pleasant change but was it a good post race
recovery exercise. Probably not!

It's Tuesday evening now as I write this and whether it was the 10 mile race or this 7 mile trail walk, my legs feel like they taken quite a bashing! 
2 miles was more than enough on Sunday evening.   I jogged 3 miles on the grass yesterday labouring for
nearly 30 minutes.  
  Today's I went back on the road for a flat 5 and only just managed to hit target pace with 45 minutes.   2 minutes slower than race pace.       Better ....but still quite a chore!

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