Saturday, 26 March 2011

Winter pain....springtime pleasure.

 Well, hard to believe it's nearly a week since the ill-fated Northern relay; but what a fabulous few days it's been weatherwise.   Unseasonably warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine just calling those of us fortunate enough to be able to train in the day out for our daily run.
 Of course, that response to the call can only be made if the runner is fit enough to take advantage on a daily basis.   I was in the shop yesterday and one customer said that he was desperate to get out for a run on Thursday but was too exhausted from Wednesday that he had to miss out.  He said he kept looking out of the window and thinking if only....!  
 Yes, if only he'd  steeled himself to run more in the cold, dark winter months .  Day after day when he would find some excuse or other NOT to go out.  So now like so many others he has to rebuild his fitness levels carefully and gradually missing days at a time when he could be enjoying the fantastic spring weather..............
                  "Whatever a man soweth, that shall he reap"

Or in other words, well done for getting out throughout the winter.... go and enjoy some great spring running, you have earnt it!

The main danger for me though with the coming of spring is that the sun, hidden by the moor through the winter, returns to our back garden. If I am not careful I can end up labouring for hours out there which does not help the running.   Case in point this week with niggles in the back and hips following a few sessions. 

       Hopefully won't spoil tomorrow's trail race  in the Lake District around Grizedale Forest....... 

 The Wednesday track session and a pretty tough trail run the following day naturally left me a tad weary and Friday's 4 was  hardly brisk. 
  Usual prerace jog today around the local playing fields for 3 miles.   Marc T. and partner  Sarah J.  appeared later to  similarly maintain this "tradition2 before their Thirsk 10 miler tomorrow.  Let's hope all goes well for them and anyone else reading this who may be joining them.


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