Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Through the mists on time

 Yesterday's 4 mile (8 x .5 mile laps!) on the local playing fields, my easy day,  meant that a longer, more testing run was called for today but with heavy cloud cover screening the sun and generally dampening the spirits,  I resisted the lure of the tartan (track) and opted for the undulations of the Bolton Abbey trail and the Strid.   I figured light pedestrian traffic on this miserable of days.


  It's many months since I've tackled this 9 miler so it would yet another test of the piriformis troubled left leg.  Another chance to lay a brick in the wall of recovery.  Some slight numbness in the hip and between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals where the nerve end but generally the run went well. 

No improvement in long distance visibility on the way back ; the abbey eerily emerging through the mist.

Quite frequently on runs I'm stopped by people walking who ask me to take a picture of them. no doubt happened to you as well. They hand you their expensive camera, confident that you will take their picture and hand them the camera back.  Next time,  turn and pretend to run away with their precious possession!
These young ladies asked me to photograph them today and having done so I said that I would now run off and add their camera to the hundreds I "stolen" before.  

 A general look of relief  when I said I was only kidding!  I took a photo of them on my camera and promised them a blog mention. 


  1. A misty morning round here too today Terry. At least the end of the week holds hope of some returning sunshine - fingers crossed. Regards John.

  2. What a prankster!

    Got a question for you: Whats your opinion on fluids/gels while running?

    My current opinion is that if you are actually fit enough for the training you're doing you can get through most workouts and refuel afterwards.

  3. I think you can the guess the answer,Danny. In 50 years of running I have never carried a water bottle or gels. But they are VERY popular in the shops. We sell a great deal.
    I do drink about 2 litres per week of isotonic drink but that compares to about 3 litres per week of Holsten pils lager.
    I have taken lately to drinking water. Few glasses a day which apparently is good for us.
    But seriously, when I started running no drinks were allowed below 10 miles in a race. Bearing in mind the last guy to finish woukld still be in within 60 minutes.
    Marathon? The odd sip of water; generally we considered stopping was a nuisance and more trouble than it was worth.
    But of course I can't say we wouldn't have done better if we had have had gels etc. They weren't invented in the '80s!