Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another week flying by....

 I don't plan weeks weeks ahead as previous but I do like to map out a week based on the  previous one
and any events rapidly approaching.   This year I've been keen to ensure that the "rebuild" was sensible and cautious.  The weeks have gone 16  22  24   36 (!)  40  40  45  38  39  43.  so perhaps my fitness returned faster than I thought but then again I'd really only had a low december not a complete shut down.
 I had this week pencilled in until an email came from the club stating the likely "A" and "B" teams for the North Of England 12 man relay at Catterick on Sunday.  I was listed (last) as a possible to make up the "B" team but there are so many other "maybes" in front of me that I think they would have to be absolutely desperate to need this old geriatric.  So I'm reverting to original plan and doing a track session tomorrow.  I will travel to the event anyway and I'll have my kit but will be saddened if the response from the young 'uns is such that I'll be needing it.  Last year, you may recall, I ran the 4th leg (and last) leg for an incomplete "C" team.

 Looking back at my training record it was clear that I needed a run of at least 10 miles yesterday. Nothing above 8 in the last 3 weeks.  So I set off over to Airedale,  hoping to leave the fog of Ilkley Moor behind, for a spin on the canal.  No such luck . No better over there. Equally cool, damp and  grey. A road closure forced me to change my starting point  meaning I had the pleasure of  testing myself on the drag up 5 Rise Locks.  No problem.
  With that 10 following the trail 9 on Tuesday an easier day was called for today. 
  An afternoon run gave me the chance to meet up with an old friend with whom I shared many a mile  in 2004.  Her applicaion and dedication to daily training saw her reduce her 10K time from 42:57 in October 2003 to 38.50 by the end of November 2004.  That time plus a top ten placing in  the regional cross country league were rich reward for the time and effort she had put in.   As with all of us injuries sadly set up her back but her intrinsic enjoyment of the sport is obviously still evident.  
  It was just unfortunate today that the run was marred by my breathing being extremely laboured such that I was forced to use the inhaler half way through.  Lesson for asthma sufferers. Always carry your inhaler; you never know when you might need it.  I just have to work out what triggered it off! 

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