Sunday, 20 March 2011

(Far from ) easy on a Sunday morning

9.00 a.m. Just prepared my racing kit for today's North Of England 12 man Relay and I must admit to feeling pretty apprehensive.  Hard to believe I know as I first raced this event way back in '68 as I wrote yesterday.
Thing is that today is an elite regional event for young ,fast club runners.  Our "A" team for example has one young man hoping to make the 2012 Olympics! There'll be no novices, no "fun runners" in this one.
  I really just wanted to attend this championship to take a few photos but knowing I would be frustrated if Sale H. didn't complete a "B" team, I would feel like a whimp, so I said stick my name down.
 I didn't really think that the absence of younger, much faster runners would mean that I would have actually have to turn out.
 But needs must and I suppose the overwhelming feeling at this moment is that I will let the team down, losing places, possibly meaning the "B" team doesn't make the National 12 man  ( we have to finish in the top 25 teams) and of course appear like a decrepit cart horse alongside seasoned racing thoroughbreds.

I'm down to run leg 10 so it means a 3 hour wait from when the event starts but not as long as 1974 when they had me on leg 12. 

                     Minimalist shoe fan? Check out the blue Onitsuka Tigers we all worn in those days.

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  1. So how did you get on then Terry with the young whippersnappers. I bet you were quicker than some? As for the shoes they look very minimal on the sole but a bit snug and stiff on the uppers. I'm popping over to Lincoln this p.m. to try the Saucony Mirage you suggested so I can do my distance runs in them. Have a good week, John