Thursday, 24 March 2011

A run of 2 halves

  Another fabulous spring day in the North with just a whisper of cloud and a gentle cooling breeze.  As near
 as we get to perfection for today's outing; a run of 8 plus miles. Yesterday, a very pleasing track session. Today,  a great trail run with just short stretches of  tarmac  with some magnificent North Yorkshire views.

  A bit longer than I would generally cover after a speed session but the Grizedale race on Sunday is hardly the Olympics,  so no real ease down necessary.
  I parked up outside the village hall at Timble Village and headed off down the road towards Swinsty reservoir.  A clear view of the Memwith Hill U.S. / RAF base in the distance ("the golf balls" as we call it).
Wearing the ADIDAS SUPERNOVA RIOT GTX today and my delicate feet certainly felt the benefit of the excellent cushioning in this shoe on the first road section down to the reservoir.  As can be seen from this shot the level of the water is already going down.  People in Leeds having too many baths!  A Thursday morning but still plenty of walkers to greet on this first half of the run.  The three miles around Swinsty res made much easier and faster by the improvements to the waterside trail.  Not a sign of mud anywhere.

Completing the circuit of Swinsty I cross the embankment between it and Fewston res (pictured here today) and head out for the second half of the run.  A run through plantations which will serve as a good rehearsal for Sunday's GRIZEDALE race and proves to be a complete contrast to the first few miles.   No greetings at all to anyone in the last isolated 4 miles.

Quite testing in this second half through the forest which does not attract the leisure walkers as the res do.   The mile uphill through the forest proves no real problem compared to week 2 of this year when the slightest gradient proved a trial.  Emerging from the forest, I make  a left turn and I'm heading back to the start in Timble Village.

Spring is very much in the air as I finish the run with daffodils  lining the road through the village and new born lambs frolicing in the nearby fields.  I went into the Timble Inn and booked a table for Pat and myself for dinner tonight.  I will not be having the lamb....


  1. Great run and nice photos Terry. It's so good to get out and enjoy a run in this lovely weather we are currently having. Regards, John

  2. Sounds like my sort of run Terry. Must try that sometime. Hope you have good weather and clear views at Grizedale. Good luck.