Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mad Dogs, Englishmen & track runners go out in midday sun.


As regular readers know Seedhill track has served as my speedwork playground on a regular basis for many, many years since THE COMPLETE RUNNER ,NELSON branch was opened.  My regular routine has been to deliver a weekly restock into the shop then go on to Seedhill for my speed session.   Sadly local government cutbacks mean that the facility will only be opening at 4 p.m. from April 1st.   I may well continue with my late morning session but in the future they may well be "illegal" as I will have to run from the shop and squeeze through the very narrow railings to get on the tartan.  Fortunately,  we have a shower at the shop.

at least that's what theNoel Coward song tells us. Well make that track runners as well. The temperature today by the time I started my session increased to double the seasonal average to 18C/64F !   Ever the pessimist I completed my 2 mile warm up wearing t/shirt, long sleeve and jacket  but enjoying the unexpected spring midday sun I was able to strip down to just the tee. 
As the "race" on Sunday was only about 4K I pushed the track session forward to Wednesday from Thursday as I have entered the 9th Great Grizedale Forest trail race on Sunday.
The Stanley Park 10K has served to give me target times for spring. Based on that 43.28  a seesion of 5 x1K at 10K pace should make 4:20 per rep an acceptable target. 
But of course racing shoulder to shoulder is different to solo track efforts.  Nevertheless I would be very disappointed if I couldn't record some improvement on times achieved 6 weeks ago. 
As usual the reps produced pleasing acceleration.
(today)   4.35   4.31   4.27   4.24   4.14   
compared to......(6 weeks ago)   4.47   4.41   4.38   4.39   4.30                                         
For the record the jog 200 recovery (interval!) was 2.10. Average  4:26  (44.26 pace)

Back in the changing rooms,  a local runner asked me about the session and  I mentioned the acceleration.   He said that I should be setting a target for the reps and achieving this each time.   I told him that's what I did.  I achieved the target on rep 1 but, as he may well find out if he is running in 12 years time,  the aged legs respond better as the session goes on.  Not sure he was convinced. 


  1. You've convinced me. I'm going to give it a go down at the track next week! I'll be a lot slower than you though but will let you know how I get on.

  2. It was certainly a lovely day again today Terry. Unfortunately I was feeling too tired to run but tomorrow brings a new day and, hopefully with a good nights sleep I'll be able to fit in a run in the Lincolnshire Wolds with some hills. You certainly seem to buck the books with improving times as your sessions progress! Have a good run in Grizedale. John