Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Running towards the light

  Having reviewed your 2010,  I bet all you fit,  young people are thinking in terms of long term aims and short term objectives for 2011; and why not!  Go for it.
   Whilst it would be nice to compete at 100% in another 20 races this year,  equal or better the 8 catergory wins this year and perhaps even improve my Run Britain handicap,  my initial objective is to take the fear out of sitting at this computer for a period,  take the fear out of putting socks on and take the fear out of going to the toilet.  Actions which have not been unlikely to bring on a return of leg pain!  Fortunately relieved immediately by application of ice pads. 
  Looking at the bigger picture, in line with popular thinking I'll accept December and last week as a period of restoration for the body generally.  So this week I'll regard as week one and will aim to start a period of gradual return to routine with 30 miles. 
  I have to feel sympathetic to injured readers whose problems prevent them from running at all. Whilst the
December left leg pain is preventing a routine to my 45/50 miles per week routine of last year,  at least I've been able to tick over,  albeit with some discomfort.  The last 5 weeks have at least produced 122 miles.

  I had thought I was over the worst but during a very disappointing birthday run on Sunday I had to stop and stretch the leg for relief. A clear suggestion that without professional help any relief I could impose would only be temporary.

 I was able to secure a consultation with a chiropractor today as he returned to work. After filling in a questionnaire and discussion he set about a physical examination and manipulation which proved extremely painful and acupuncture which was not painful at all. All of which took an hour and  a half.  So very thorough. The conclusion was not totally defined but strong indication was that the problem is not sciatica as I first thought but bursitis just below the pelvic girdle.
 I'm plucking up courage to go again on Friday!

  After lunch and an hour's sleep to recover from the wresting I returned to the grass to judge if the session had had any immediate benefit. I managed a pretty much pain free 3 miles.   Not at all fast; just 10 minute  mileing but..............
 perhaps light at the end of the tunnel!
 Let's just hope that my needle man does not advise  me not to run; but judging the results of today's work that looks unlikely.

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