Friday, 7 January 2011

Hip bursitis......running a risk?

 I wish I could be as posively upbeat in this post as I was in the last. I'm afraid that light at the end of the tunnel is possibly further away than I had thought it was.  That target of 30 miles this week was rather optimistic!!
 True to form having had treatment,  including acupuncture,  at the chiropractor on Wednesday I tested the leg over 3 miles on grass a couple of hours later and that went quite well.  So yesterday rather than repeat the safe exercise which would have been a tad boring , I ventured over to the reservoir expecting that 4 miles would be OK.  Wrong!!

 I choose the wrong way to run around and already having had to stop twice to sit and stretch the leg a hill in the last mile reduced me to a very painful walk.  I had received no real advice from the chiropractor as to what kind of running would be safe but I have since read that any running should be very slow on flat grass!
  Had another treatment  today but with snow falling hour after hour, the decision making was very run today of any kind.  
  Professional footballers earning tens of thousands of £s per week are upset that they don't have a winter break.   So that's what I'm regarding this as for me...... winter break and with the pursuit of PBs a thing of the past, why not?
 I've been applying ice packs and ice massaging the hip to reduce the inflammation in the burca sac area and taking ibuprofen.  So hopefully with this self help and the chiropractor's work it will not be necessary to have an injection to further provide relief.  Two more treatment sessions planned next week. 
 Typical, I go years without having to see anyone then this.   Once the inflammation has been gone it's clear that some strengthening exercises are going to be necessary to develop the "glutes".
 Apparently, better toned muscles and tendons should then glide more easily and help to prevent the hip bursitis flaring up again in the future. 
 Grateful for any comments from any readers who have experienced this apparently common running injury.

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