Sunday, 2 January 2011

1949 My First Run?

 I don't know what you were doing 62 years ago today but I seem to recall that I was in some kind of a cave filled with some kind of water.  I was lying back comfortably  having a nice soak when suddenly I was being pushed down some kind of dark tunnel. There was a lot of loud high pitched kind of whining going on all around me.
 Quite unneverving! Put me off potholing for life I can tell you.
 Anyway, within seconds I emerged into a very  large open space full of lots of strangers and bright lights.  I was lying there minding my own business,just studying the strange forties furniture and wall decor,  when one of them picked me up and for no reason whatsoever gave me a right smack on the backside.  Probably a way of preparing me for my future school days.
 I thought I'm not having any more of that so I jumped off the bed and starting running......
 and I've been running ever since!

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