Wednesday, 26 January 2011


  A club mate asked in an email if I was actually running at the moment; presumably as quite a few of my blog posts have been nostalgic rather than yet another post simply stating.....I ran today, it was still a pain!!
  I read yesterday that 56% of runners get "hurt" every year.  When I look back over the last few year's it would seem I've settled into a fairly good safe routine when I review the few times when I have had set backs.    I have suffered a calf strain doing a track session too soon after a half marathon; a back injury stretching whilst washing the car and a strain loosing balance whilst gardening.   So not too bad.
  Being able to train in the light means I'm able to limit the amount on tarmac so the softer grass and trail running helps ease the pounding. Having access to the track for speed work again saves  the road impact
except in races and, of course, I'm fortunate that I don't have to wear shoes longer than necessary.

 So this current hiatus has been particularly hard to cope with.  Before
yesterday I would have related that I'm being very patient and progress has been very steady whilst uncomfortable throughout.
 Last week I resolved to just run 4 miles flat on grass or road (to push the pace a tad) and managed that to record 24 miles for the week.
Diligently applying ice pads or ice massaging after each run.
 For this week I have planned to nudge the length of the runs up with a
5 Monday,  a 6 Wednesday and Friday and a 7 on Sunday.  With an easy 4 on the grass in between.  Monday went well, I thought. Managed 5 , all below 9 mins.  So thought Tuesday wouldn't be a problem. Wrong!
  After 5 minutes the pain down the left leg had returned and I was brought to a limping halt.  Desperate.
  At this point I really felt like giving up.  However,  I thought no...get home, bang  the ice pads around the thigh and come back and give it another go. I AM NOT A LOSER !

An hour later,  I drove down to the field again and with  only slight discomfort  ran  4 miles and even included some sub 8 minute pace efforts to finish off with!   My thoughts keep returning to my previous thoughts of the sciatic nerve being pinched and then released.   I would appreciate any thoughts or comments, readers.

 So resolutely sticking to this week's plan  I  set out on the canal today in hope that I could manage 6 miles.  I wanted a change from the roads of Ilkley and after a 30 minute drive the leg was a bit sore for the first mile but gradually I was able to ease into the run and the pace picked up with the last mile a very respectable 8.17.
  I must admit when I see so many people seemingly enjoying cycling and so many guys my age on the Ilkley golf course I keep thinking that having been racing since the early '60s,  it's time to give it up. 
  But then I look at my times from last year and ,whilst they are not any where near the very top M60s around,  they are still times which so many younger runners would be proud of  and are striving for.  


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