Monday, 10 January 2011

Lakeside limping

 Discretion being the better part of valour, I didn't take much persuasion to take a break from running for the weekend.  The chiropractor on Friday hadn't actually said not to run, but with a couple of nights in the Lake District planned where flat safe running is quite hard to find  I decided to give the leg a break or should I say rest.
  So I was quite looking forward to taking the Hawkshead ferry across Lake Windermere on Sunday morning for a gentle stroll on the far lakeshore over a few miles.
  The morning was quite mild with the noon sun breaking through the clouds as seen on this shot from the ferry which carried just 4 cars and 6 people in contrast the densely packed loads carried at the height of the summer.
Sitting on the ferry I felt some discomfort in the leg again. I was wishing I could reach up, scoop up some of the snow from off the mountain tops in the distance and apply to painful areas.

I'd like to report that the walk went as smoothly as the swan in the pics above gliding across Windermere but sadly not.  We turned back after little more than a mile as the pain in the leg had forced me to stop every few minutes to do the now perfected relieving stretch.   Very frustrating and disappointing.   Some compernsation coming with Man United's 1-0 win over Liverpool.
Limping back to the ferry.

I've had another session and again decided not to test the leg but tomorrow.....................?

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