Friday, 21 January 2011

Get out there and run.....but know your limits!

 Perhaps you too receive a "Quote of the day" from runners World U.S.?  Today's was by Ultrarunner and Best Selling Author  DEAN KARNAZES, shown here during one of his runs

....I couldn't quite work out  what he was doing but the "key words"  were
                   ice.......bath......badwater.....roadside.   Explanation anybody ?
  Anyway, his quote was,
  "Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer.  Just get up and dance. The same holds true for running.    Whether first or last we all cross the same finish line.  Just get out there and run".
 I can understand the sentiment and appreciate what he is saying but I don't know about you,  I couldn't help thinking there are a few flaws in the statement.   One,  OK, make a fool of yourself dancing at  a family  wedding,  but getting out of your seat and trying to join Ballet Rambert on the stage might not go down so well with the rest of the paying audience.   OK,   walk, jog or run a 5K "park run" event , fine.   But I think today too many runners want to "get up onto stages"  that they are clearly not ready for.   Whether that be a marathon  or a long distance off road  mountain event.  The latter being more foolhardy as they not only put themselves in danger but also rescue teams.   ( Of course, many events have cut off points)   A case of knowing your limits.  Sympathies to the officials at Sunday's Brass Monkey half marathon as some will  take over 3 hours to come in.  ( Since writing this, I have read that all marshalling and timing mats will be withdrawn at 12.45. So anyone taking more than 2 hours 45 will have to time themselves and not receive an official time)
  My limit this week has been runs of 4 miles!  I won't be repeating my win of 25 years ago at York.   That day just over 5 minute mileing.  Today I  was limping along at just under 10 minute mileing!! Oh, to be young.  
  I think I've overdone some of the stretches which I've convinced myself I should be doing to develop a pert little bum , sorry,  develop my gluteal muscles and avoid hamstring soreness.    As the Scout motto  say, "Be prepared"; hopefully to enable me to go forward for the rest of the year.
  Mentioning scouts,   this photo appeared yesterday in our local newspaper . It depicts Menston Cubs and Brownies 1974.   Can you recognise one of the UK's fastest marathoners?

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