Monday, 16 August 2010


 It would be easy to adopt an overly optimistic view after Saturday's Arncliffe 4, having run over 1.5 minutes faster than last year  and only 15 seconds slower than 2008.   But the pace (6.49) would suggest a 42 minute 10K is going to take a special effort.   Back to normal then this week! 
 I knew the good weather on Sunday would be mean that the lanes would be full of  racing cyclists, the canal would be awash with families doggy walking , similarly the trails at the res and the Strid.    So I retreated to Ilkley (Rombalds)Moor,  driving past the hordes at the Cow and Calf  Rocks and starting my gradual climb from the Menston end as I had some weeks ago. 

  The 3 mile climb up to the trig point  was probably not the ideal choice for a post race run but the going up there underfoot  is pretty good at the moment.The one "boggy"  patch near to the 12 Apostles has been worked on very recently and eliminated. The benefit will be appreciated in the coming winter months.   Also appreciated was the spectacular 360 degrees view from the Trig Point.  Stanbury, Ovenden Moor windfarm, Chelker windfarm, Beamsley, Roundhill, Chevin , airport and beyond and on the horizon Memwith Hill, seen above.  Years ago I wouldn't have dreamt of stopping and taking it all in.  How times change;  heck, I was having an easy week!  If cyclists can stop and have a cuppa,  what's wrong with a minute's break to savour the moment now and again. The 6 mile  brought me up to 36 compared with the normal 47 or so.

The new week started in equally spectacular fashion today, Monday. It didn't take much to lure me back to the "res" for the week's pilgrimage.   I had popped into the shop for a while before the run and was quite alarmed to be told by the first customer that he had spent 5 days in intensive care on completing the London marathon.  He said his condition was due to a virus but I couldn't help thinking that at over 17 stone and 6 foot 6" his stature might have  been a contributing factor.   I said  that perhaps he was  best built for shorter distances like 5k/ 10K,  more suited to his "power".  
He said,  "That's a thought.  You could be right. No one's ever said that to me before."  !!!
 He never heard that the "ideal" marathon runner weighs 2 lbs to every inch of height.  I always say, "it's not a pretty sight but it moves fast! (Given the training, of course!)

Despite the groin pain and upper leg soreness that I've become accustomed to after races,  the 2 res run went pretty well and the trail was not too busy . The picnic tables at the Swinsty car park however were all occupied and the Yorkshire Dales ice cream van was doing a roaring trade.   Too hot too trot for some.
Let's hope this good spell continues.
Whilst I didn't do the race I had originally targetted I 'm pleased that there was a good alternative and I've learnt  from it.  Time to check the possibilies for the next one.

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