Wednesday, 25 August 2010


 I see from my "stats" that a previous reference to a new category of shoes which SAUCONY are calling "minimalist" provoked a bit of interest on a Runners World U.S. forum thread and there was a call for more info. So here goes guys,...........

The ProGrid KINVARA, Saucony's neutral minimalist shoe coming in at 218gs will be joined in early 2011 (Feb. in UK) by the ProGrid MIRAGE, coming in at 252gs. 
Saucony say..."it provides just a touch of guidance for the neutral to slight overpronator.  This shoe is going to knock your socks off" 

If you are wearing INOV8 shoes at the moment you might take a deep intake of breath when you see their prices for your favourite shoes next year. So Saucony's offroad shoe in this minimalist category, the new ProGrid PEREGRINE  with its aggresive outersole and 4mm closer to the ground heel-toe drop will create a lot of interest, saving a few pounds.  Saucony say...."trail blazing shoe that's a must for the outdoor runner" "multidirectional lugs and sticky rubber for amazing traction and grip".  258gs.    The 4th shoe the Grid Flex
was featured on July 16th 2010.    Hope that helps, guys;  you may well see then in U.S. before we do over here.
   I'm  often asked when I'm in the shop which shoes I wear.  Well, a shoe I've been keen to try out for speedwork and races is the BROOKS RACER ST4

which, with its medial roll bar,  would hopefully give support for my aged arches,  yet maintain a sleek lightweight feel.  Not sure which distance they were referring to but Brooks claim the Racer ST4 would "shave seconds or even minutes off your time"  They would have to be good to achieve that because on the 2 mile warm up prior to stepping on the track I felt really, really tired and not up for a track session at all. 
But undeterred, fresh from the box I put the shoe through its paces on the Nelson track today on a 5K tempo run.  Previous times recorded for this exercise previously this year were 22.42    23.02    22.38    22.37.
Today?  Well the laps went  1.44  1.47  1.45  1.45  1.45  1.45 1.44 1.45 1.45  1.44 1.44  1.41  finishing with 50 for the last 200 for .....21.46 !   Could well have been the  benign August weather, warm with a breeze,   but certainly the shoes felt good and did just what Brooks said,  shaved seconds off my time!
  Looking forward to wearing them for my next race; shame they'll clash with the colours in my Sale vest!


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  1. brooks shoes are my favourite pairs..i got 3 pair of brooks; one is brooks addiction which i usually use this days.