Monday, 9 August 2010


 Likely as not someone is reading this for the simple reason that where they are it is just "too darn hot" to go outside and they would do anything for a drop of rain and a drop in temperature.   Well I wish I could send you some of ours.  As I set off  to repeat and consolidate last Monday's Barden res run it was a beautiful morning and I was really looking forward to feeling the warmth of some sun on the back  and hopefully witness the upper reservoir as in the shot above.  No such luck today. 
  But the few spots of rain on the windsreen on the journey had turned to a steady drizzle by the time I parked.  A typical English summer! Undeterred I headed up the trail with a couple of  tech short sleeves on ; having had an extra one with me for after the run. I wanted to consolidate the "proper" route for this run because it would appear the last mile or so I had been "trespassing".
   I passed one couple in the first half mile  suitably clad in head to toe waterproofs as the drizzle worsened. 

 By the top of the mile climb I was getting very wet; and adding insult to injury a curtain of low cloud in the distance was blocking out the "magnificent" views  I enjoyed last week.   I ran alongside the upper reservoir dam as the rain persisted  and half way down the descent I found the legal path  which merged into  the other for the final half mile climb.   I caught up a second couple of bedraggled walkers;   heads bowed and backs bent,  enduring the conditions.  
  "Cheer up, I said as I scurried past,  " at least you're not working!"  No response! No singing in the rain from those two! 
  The effort up the final half mile long hill is satisfyling but disappointingly the circuit shows as just shy of 6 miles which I  have to round up  with an ease down. A leisurely if uncomfortable 63 minutes; with 1.5 miles of climbing.    Under the hour on another day with a normal efffort, I think. 
  The two pairs of walkers were the only people  seen during the hour.   Certainly the place to get away from it all.

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  1. That's a beautiful run this time of year, when the heather's in bloom. I've run it many times in the past, up from Thorpe, round by Rylstone Cross and back past the reservoirs and Shooting hut down to Thorpe. That's what running is all about!