Saturday, 28 August 2010


After Tuesday's road run and Wednesday's pleasing 5K tempo on the track I could hear the call ofthe wild. It was definitely a day for getting off road on THURSDAY.  Target the "Tongue" the lower hill on this shot.  The isolated stile is a curious feature after 2 miles on the run. Presumably there was a fence each side of it at one time, long since gone, and the owners at Troutbeck Park farm have left the stile as a marker to guide walkers up the field to navigate to the right of the "Tongue".  This run could not further removed from the track and provides a perfect contrast;  the pace is largely irrelevant but proves to be well over 2 minutes slower.         

     FRIDAY.  We drove through to Kentmere village. It was late morning but managed to "bag" the last remaining car parking spot by the church.  For such a popular walking start point it's shame there is only room for half a dozen cars.  But then again.....Most runners think of the famous Kentmere Horseshoe; a race I have  a distant memory of running but no record.  I was very young!   I do recall coming up when I'd received a prototype of a FASTRAX  off road shoe I'd had made in Northampton in the early '80s and was showing all the fell runners to receive some feedback.  Today, we   were having a "reccy" of the start of the Garburn trail which is on our "to do" list as it goes up out of Kentmere over and down to the Troutbeck valley.  Not for today though and certainly not the Horseshoe!   Today I'll enjoy a steady run on the relatively quiet country lane back to Staveley.  I added a loop to make it 8 miles.  

Long sleeve required today on yet another cool August morning.

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