Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Runners World men in it!

 Can you imagine a running magazine today  featuring a front cover like this one from the '80s.

 James F. Fixx wrote a book entitled , THE COMPLETE BOOK OF RUNNING.  In it he wrote.........
   "Running has not yet been shown to make people live longer"
Before Jim Fixx, as he was known,  started running at 35 he smoked, rarely exercised and was overweight. He started running, watched his diet but his early neglect plus heredity factors are said to have contributed to his death at 52. 
   He was so respected in the running community in America that he was featured in this November edition of The Runner magazine in 1984.  The magazine contained a 6 page article.
   This front cover is about as removed as you can possibly get from  the front covers of the UK version of Runners World magazine.  OK, perhaps don't write about runners dying but surely once in a while reflect the fact that the male of the species runs as well. even if they show him running with a female "friend".  Surely in the autumn and winter months feature runners wearing autumn and winter clothing.  
  Don't get me wrong I appreciate a well toned athletic female figure as much as anybody but surely featuring a young lady, very often in crop top and  thigh shorts, as illustrated below,  no matter what month of the year it is, is a bit of a cliche and somewhat patronising to the magazine buyer. 
  What do you think ladies; would you not buy the magazine if you saw a man on the front of it?



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