Sunday, 8 August 2010


  As I set off down the lane leading to the canal,  my initial thoughts were as to how hard 9 minute mileing was feeling and how long it would take for the lungs to open up and I could feel relaxed in the effort. 
 Also I was wondering just how much traffic there would be on the water.   British Waterways, who manage the Leeds Liverpool canal,  have closed a 60 mile stretch to crafts, from Wigan in Lancashire to Gargrave in N. Yorkshire,   due to the low levels in the reservoirs which feed the canal. Perhaps there would be less traffic coming through or conversely more transferred traffic. The next 12 miles would tell me.
 With a bit of a headwind the third mile was marginally better at 8.45  and then as so often happens a better pace kicked in.  8.27    8.30   8.11.  Starting to flow now.
  Turning at the famous 5 Rise Locks  the plan was then to try to maintain the acceleration over the next 5 miles with a jog mile to finish.  So   8.11    8.10    8.13    8.06    8.02    then 9.28   for 12 miles in total. 
  This was a repeat of a Sunday run  5 weeks ago;   the significant middle 10 miles covered  1.13 minute faster today.  So quite pleasing at the end of another relatively tough week.   49 miles in total.
  More importantly than the week's total is the fact that it's been another good varied week I think.
Essentially a typical hard easy hard pattern.
Monday, a moderately tough trail run over testing terrain (with fantastic views)......7 
Tuesday , a flat steady pace road run........7     
Wednesday..Longford Park track....5 x 1K rep session (lap recovery)....7   
Thursday..a relaxed easy run mainly on grass.....6   
Friday...2 res run.....undulating trail run.......good pace........6.5   
Saturday.....jog on playing fields...9.45 pace.....3.5           
Sunday...........mile in 9.03.....10 mile in 83.47 ( average 8.23)( 5 at 8.09) mile jog for 12                                                                                 TOTAL.....49

 The last time I had  a lowish week was 6 weeks ago before the Platt Fields 10k (34) but since then the weeks have  produced  51   50   46   47   47   49.   Think it's time again for an easy week with a race next weekend all being well.      
  The canal was far from quiet with dozens of barges in use  as people enjoyed a summer holiday on this open stretch of the waterway; it looked like closure up the canal had forced more onto this stretch.

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