Wednesday, 18 August 2010


  As I type this I'm watching highlights of the latest World Series Triathlon which took place in Kitzbuhel last weekend.  After his London ordeal  I half expected Alistair Brownlee to be a non-starter but no!  In a prerace interview he explains how he was unconscious for half an hour after the London event  (!) and narrowly avoided being hospitalized in intensive care overnight.   Yet here he was back for more punishment.  As they come off the bike and set off on the 10K run he is not in the leading group of 5.   Interesting to see how well he has recovered.........
  Not sure I got my recovery right after Saturday's race.  Whilst it was only 4 miles I should have had an easy
couple of low mileage days immediately after.  But  that 6 on the moor (Sunday), including a couple of miles of climbing  and the undulating 2 res run on Monday left me drained for the 8 mile Tuesday road run.  To make things worse for myself I tackled  an out an back run we used to call  the Beamsley Bash;  much more challenging than the flat route I originally had in mind.  
  So whilst Saturday  I raced at an average of 6.49 per mile,   3 days later I could only register 9.33   9.26   9.27   9.26   9.04   8.54    9.25   8.21..................73.39......averaging a weary 9.17.   Not good. 
Today,  it was time for a minimal effort.   A flat easy 4.  

  Pat correctly pointed out that  I have been putting in a few hours on my feet in the shop and not sat at my desk here in the office at home!    Needs must with staff on holiday. I must admit its good to be back on the shop floor talking to customers.  Always interesting to hear about
other people's running exploits.
 Also interesting seeing some of the new Autumn/Winter gear coming in.   Orders that we placed 6 months ago.   Some exciting new gear in from GORE today.
  I've continued with the GORE GLOBE SO JACKET. A good seller  from last season.  It "Windstopper" , Softshell and reversible.  You can run into work displaying the hi viz black and yellow outer with reflective front and back.  But if you pop into town at lunch you reverse it to a more discreet black/ grey combination.  How's that for versatiility!

 The majority of the lines I've chosen for men ,however, are in orange and black,  strikingly different for the winter months to follow.   Let's just hope we don't have to put up with so much snow and ice this time.
  Sadly, Alistair Brownlee had seemingly not recovered sufficiently to pull back time lost on the swim and bike sections finishing 4 minutes behind fellow GB Stuart Hayes in 40th place.   Let's hope for a return to top form soon for the local lad in his next event.
  Not certain what my next event will be.  But I definitely won't be doing the INOV AMBLESIDE FELL RUN.  I was curious to see where it would go in case we were up there.  Most normal FRA races charge no more than £6 entry fee.   Many are £3 or £4 pounds.   The Ambleside race?   £20!!
It'll be interesting to see how many club runners they attract.

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