Tuesday, 11 October 2011

When the going gets tough.....jump on a bus!

 Details of the 26 marathons I've run are a bit fuzzy; it's been a few years.  But if I'd have started a marathon event last Sunday  I think I would know whether I ran the whole race or took a break on a bus  accompanying the runners. Only to get off the bus towards the end and claim 3rd place in the SALOMON KIELDER MARATHON.
 Not sure if it's been featured on National TV but the saga of the Sunderland Harrier in question has been unfolding throughout the day on Tyne Tees TV. 


 The 7.55 a.m. news broadcast  just reported that he had won the 10K race on Sunday, decided to race the marathon on Sunday as well, had initially been thought to have finished 3rd but had then been disqualified following comments from those just behind.
The 4th place runner said he had definitely NOT been past and only 2 had beaten him.
 The lunchtime news  stated that  the runner was adament that he had run the whole race and could back up his claim with evidence from his garmin.  Steve Cram, organiser, implied that evidence from chip timings suggested that he had covered the second half at world record pace.
 Further reports were saying the accused runner had apologised to the organisers saying that he had boarded a bus at the 20 mile point, stayed on it for 5 miles then left it for the rest of the race going across the line in 3rd place as if in error.
 His previous day's anger at  being falsely accused had obviously subsided and the memory of boarding a bus, riding on it for 5 miles, getting off,  hiding behind a tree and rejoining the race in 3rd place had returned.  When  it came back later. he remembered "making his mistake" of rejoining the race  and has apologised for the confusion his mistake had caused. 
 He declined this evening to face the TV reporter leaving his tearful wife to speak for him.
What a great shame that his apparent action on the Sunday has overshadowed his win in the shorter race.
Doubtless he reached 20 miles in a state of fatigue, clearly  made worse by the previous day's effort and decided to call it a day.  But rather than face up to the fact that his back to back double race attempt was a mistake, his sense of judgement  became a blur, undoubtedly  effected by 20 miles of endeavour .
  He remembered the glory and attention he had enjoyed the day before.......... and wanted more!
  It worked.....for a while. He was featured on TV  after the race saying how "absolutely, unbelieveably tough" the marathon had been. 
  Naturally his well respected club are embarrased by the action of their new member and it will be interesting to see whether any further action is taken by regional  "authorities".

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  1. Is it April 1st? No? this is pretty funny, but also pretty sad.