Tuesday, 18 October 2011


  More often than not we see 100 year olds being presented with their birthday card from the Queen, commonly  sat  surrounded by nursing home staff. 
  In contrast,  Londoner FAUJA SINGH has deservedly grabbed many world headlines since the weekend,   following his performance in the TORONTO  WATERFRONT MARATHON  (his 8th)  of  8:11.05.  A  world record as theoldest ever marathoner.   He had returned to Toronto having run 5:40 in 2003.  He is said to run 10 miles EVERY DAY.
 Of course  the "Turbaned Tornado" as he is being called, is an amazing man and well deserves his accolades.   But  his record has perhaps overshadowed the fantastic performance of the winner of the M80 age group.....ED WHITLOCK.......beating all 60 year old and 70 year olds....recording  3:15.50.

 He was the first over 70 to run under 3 hours (2:59.10) in 2003.  His time of 2:54.48 at the age of 73 is said to be the equivalent of 2:04 for a 20 year old!
 Not content having run 3:25.43 in Rotterdam in April 2011; he actually improved his M80 world record with the 3:15.50 at the Toronto event.
 The Masters Athletics magazine which dropped on my mat this morning reveals he is not just a marathoner.  He illuminated the WORLD MASTERS T. & F. championships setting no less than 3 world records.   1500 metres (5:48.93 ,  5000 m. (21:32.87) and 10,000
(42:39.95).  Not surprisingly he gave the cross country event a miss!

Ed was born in London and hence has proudly worn his FASTRAX
Ranelagh Harriers vest on many occasions but  now lives in Ontario in Canada.   A truly remarkable athlete. 
  Clearly I will need to try to find out more about his training and lifestyle as he is performing at the same level as myself but is 18 years older than me!!
  I shall refrain at this point from complaining about the weather today which gave me a real reminder that winter is just around the corner.  Trogging around the res,  I really thought it might snow at times! 
 What a complete contrast to  last Saturday morning when a young man came towards me running on the canal with his soddened t-shirt in hand; his upper body soaking up the autumn rays.   England in the autumn..............nightmare!  
   But  Ed Whitlock  will no doubt have to cope with the weather we have ......and worse.

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  1. Whitlock is incredible. An interesting article about him here. Dunno whether he still does all his training in the graveyard: