Friday, 14 October 2011

CHANGE 4 LIFE.....not for you, Terry!

 After Sunday's 12 mile run I thought that I would be sensible and leave this week's track visit until Thursday.
I was a good decision because after easy runs on Monday(4)  andTuesday (6) I was still feeling the 12 miler in the old legs as I did the 2 RESRUN;  with company from Sally M. for a pleasant change.
 A fortnight ago at the track, I aborted kilometre reps when after 4 they started to drift to 4.53;nothing in the legs at all.
                 So yesterday I was interesting to see how a straight 5K would go. 
 I can cope with 12 and a half laps of the track and give it my utmost but running solo does mean that it works out at TEMPO pace.  For once conditions were fairly favourable just a breeze against on the back straight.
 Back on song the laps went to my normal pattern; one of acceleration as the legs loosen up.

             1.50  1.52  1.50  1.52  1.51  1.51 1.48  1.49  1.47  1.48 `1.47  1.43   49........22.40

 Very reassuring compared with the poor session 14 days prior and very comparable with 5K track tempo runs e.g. 22.44 in February 2010.
 More to the point is that a speed endurance run like this with  the pace achieved really begs the question why I do 5K as a rep/interval session at all!    I don't seem to be able to endanger much more if any speed putting in the intervals!! 
perhaps I should just either stick to 5K tempo runs or perhaps 2 x 2 miles or ensure rep/interval sessions total 5 miles or so.   Part of growing old I suppose; unless I cut down some of the long runs and concentrated on more speed.

 As explained in previous posts the changing rooms etc have been closed  until 4 p.m. over the summer.   But  PENDLE LEISURE TRUST are to start a new scheme called CHANGE 4 LIFE which will be catering for locals who wish to lose weight, improve their health and become more healthy.
 They will sign up for 12 weeks for £60.  They will receive advise on diet and weight management and be put through their paces in the gym and outside via cycling, walking and may even use the track.
 So I thought of course that as the gym would now be open I would be able , as previous, to use the track and then shower off before journeying back to Yorkshire.  Not so............
     There would be no one behind the desk; the staff would all be engaged helping the overweight and unfit.   There would be no one to take our money.
 So runners not wanting to lose wieght, already living a healthy lifestyle and already active would still be excluded.   Unless they joined the scheme!  Which would cost me, as once per week user, £5 per session.
 I rang the Trust and having all this confirmed, I suggested that they have an "honesty box" so that us runners could use the facilities and pay as we go, at the previous rate.  Failing that we'll just continue to trespass........but if I'm reprimanded I'll be writing to the local press about restricted use of the track even though the facility is open.  Madness.
Another weekend without a race for me but if you are racing.........including your first parkrun, Laura!..................have a good one.....I'm sure you will find it easier than 12.5 laps on a track!


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