Wednesday, 12 October 2011


 A lot of people seem to go through their whole life existing by "the seat of their pants".  They do achieve things but usually by the narrowest margin,  without too much thought or advance preparation.  You know the type; perhaps YOU!   You  pass exams only after lots of last minute, late night revising.  You are still chopping vegetables as your  guests arrive for dinner.
           You run onto the platform as your train wheels are starting to turn.  

In running terms,  they arrive for training as the first rep is about to start.  They park up for a race as the 5 minute warning sounds out.  They only decide on that day's run as they are leaving the door.   They need a kick up the butt, don't they? 

 Well,  one sportswear company (Oiselle) in America, where else, has just the answer! (Remember their runner's wedding dress)
You can literally organise your training week by arranging the (under) pants you wear.  I say you....... I think they only do ladies......they call them RUNDIES!!  Nice one.

 Buying the 7 pack  in 7 different colours with 7 different training  "sessions" printed on the rear you could lay them out in your knicker drawer in the order of your runs.
 Presumably if you train twice a day you'll need to buy 2 packs of 7.  You wouldn't want to be wearing your pants twice, 
 now would you, girls?

Could these be a new FASTRAX  product? 
Is this another U.S. idea we'll be adopting soon?
Probably not. If we did they would defnitely NOT be cotton and
they would NOT  shrink as makers Oiselle suggest they will(!)

But they might just be the way to get the runner buying them  to organise their training for the week ahead and with no repeats   on  the  printing  on the rear,  they can be assured of a varied training week,   if nothing else!

They wouldn't do for me though, would they?  I wouldn't wear the ones printed with REST and my simple brain can't cope with FARTLEK.  Never trained fartlek in all my time running.
 I wonder if they would be prepared to make up a special set with EASY 4  and STEADY 8 on instead;   do them in wicking, breathable polyester and cut for a man. Now that's an idea!


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