Thursday, 6 October 2011

It's a running dog's life...part 2

 Going back to yesterday's blog in which I was playing with the idea of matching runners with  each of the world's top 5 fastest dogs .....and one other!  to  perform best in the sport of CANIX ( Canine cross country). 

As top dog there could only be one match for THE GREYHOUND,  could there not?   USAIN BOLT.   Jamaica's finest.  As world 100 metre and 200 metre  world and Olympics games record holder  he has to be the perfect match for the world's fastest dog. 
But will Usain be "top dog" himself for much longer? 

Perhaps his position as No.1 will be usurped by YOHAN BLAKE.
Current 100 metre World Champion with a P.B. of 9.82
and as second fastest 200 m. runner of alltime (19.26)  he's the ideal match for no.2 dog THE WHIPPET

Russia's MARIYA SAVINOVA.  Current World 800 metre champion with a time of 1:55.87 would be pleased to be pulled along by THE BORZOI.  (The Russian Wolfhound) 
The SALUKI , another of the world's top 5 fastest breeds, (the Royal Dog of Egypt) was apparently taken to the Middle East by nomadic tribes.   
So quite compatible with  Turkey's  ILHAM TANUI OZBILEN.  A 3:31/ 3.49 1500 m/ miler.
EAMON COUGHLAN, proudly running in the kit of his native Ireland.  3 times Olympian , former World Champion at 5000 metres and 4 times World record holder at the Indoor Mile, hence his "nickname" Chairman Of the Boards"   Perhaps THE IRISH WOLFHOUND would have been a more suitable nickname?

So that just leaves me ....................................
 could I cope being pulled along by the world's slowest dog,
                                   THE BASSET HOUND
                                      He doesn't look too pleased at the prospect, does he?

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