Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A thoughtful 10 mile run.......I think.

               Sorry workers but the semi-retired it was a fabulous morning for a 10 miler on the canal. 
  During the first mile, as I headed down the lane towards the canal I was thinking that it was amazing that the phrase for this late spell of great weather, "Indian summer", which as we all know was first recorded in "Letters from An American Farmer",  a 1778 work by the French-American soldier turned farmer, St. John de Crevecoeur had stood the test of time.   Let's hope that the snow that he said often  follows  this period of sun and high temperatures is a long time coming.
  As I covered the second mile I looked over a large field to my left, between the lane and the canal , I noticed the green pasture was now totally black and scraped flat. Puzzling.

Hitting the 3 mile post , now on the canal towpath,  I put 2 and 2 together.. .............
 The canal was being dredged;  with the uplifted silt being loaded onto a barge. The barge was then being pushed back up the way I had run and being dumped and flattened on the field.  Hence no grass.
 By mile 4 my mind was returning to matters running ......and foot surgery.  Just when PAULA RADCLIFFE should be enjoying a couple of week's easy running after her 3rd in the Berlin marathon I read she is due for another operation on Friday because of an "unattached " bone.  
 I say another operation as she has already surgery to remove a "Morton's Neuroma" in 2006.  Surgery I had in 2002.  Days, months and years of forefoot running taking it's toll.
Mile 5 and my mind is going back to Saturday's relay.   For many club runners this time of year, just prior to the start of the cross country season,  is road relay time.  My sole relay effort was last Saturday's Northern championships but many had already raced more locally in the North West relays or the Yorkshire relays.  Qualifying teams will race once more at the home of National road relays, Sutton Park, on October 15th.   Our Sale "A" qualified but I don't think they will be dredging down to the depths of the incomplete "D" team for runners,  so I definitely won't be called upon!
 I turn at the 5 mile point and I recall  the '80s,  when  for me this time of year had become half marathon time not road relay time.  In '83  I ran 3 1 /2s in 4 weeks,  '84 a "20" and 2  1/2s in 4 weeks, in '85 a marathon and 3 1/2s over 5 weekends at this time of year.  Binge racing at its extreme.
  Mile 7  and I'm thinking back to my next 25 year blog.  Yet another half at Blackpool. To follow.
Mile 8 and I think I'm going quite well but  not quite sure without the garmin which  despite being fully charged  wouldn't work as I was about to set off.  I  remember that the likely reason is a "full memory" and make a mental note to delete memory fully when I get back.
 Two miles to go and I'm happy that the run will be completed in reasonable form.  It was at this point that I turned back just recently; as the high winds prevented efficient breathing.  This ten miler will serve as a good stepping stone to completing a half marathon later this year....all being well.
 Last mile and I'm thinking about races looming up in the next few weeks.  Nothing entered yet....as usual...but  if I do the Lancaster half in November there are several good "tune up" races  to consider.  All meaning  a return to the Fylde coast.  A 5K and a 5 miler at Lytham and  the Lea Town 10K near Kirkham.
 I went on to think about my all time race tally. It is at present 695. I know I will have failed to note several races for which I don't have result  sheets and so is likely to be over 700 already. But if I can manage to get in just 5 more races this year it bring the year to a close on a nice round "official" figure.
 My final thought on finishing is that tomorrow a t-shirt will suffice as the zip neck longsleeve I opted for was the wrong choice for the present high temperatures in this "Indian Summer".
Long may it continue.....well at least until the weekend.

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