Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sweaty runner joined by fair weather walkers

On a typical midweek morning the main car park,  from where I start my once a week "2 res run" around Fewston/Swinsty, would be virtually empty.
 But with temperatures still in the mid 20s  fair weather walkers were out in force and there were few spots left by the time I arrived at 11.15 a.m.   It was just like Boxing day.

 I wasn't sure how the run would go this morning.
 Not because of yesterday's 10 miler, not because of  the hill climb in Monday's 6 miler,  not because of sore hamstrings from Saturday's relay leg. 
 No, because  I stubbed my toe  during the night leaving the bathroom,  half asleep,  causing my left knee to shoot upwards with resultant  acute pain up the back of the leg.  More hamstring trouble!
 Consequently  the pace over the first couple of miles was somewhat cautious.....10.14(!)  9.25 9.21. 
 Slow enough to take this shot across the reservoir without  much of a break in the rhythm.
 But, fortunately,  the legs eased as usual and there was good acceleration down to an 8.08 mile such that once more a last uphill charge took me just under the hour.   Amazing how resilient the body can be!

There was actually a time today when fluid starting to emit from parts of the, not that.....this was sweat!  Not something I usually "suffer". Quite unbecoming for a gentleman,don't you think?  No choice today......too darn hot.......but pleasant for a picnic by the water's edge.

                        I say ,Daphne,  look at that silly old  b*gger jogging  along in this heat"

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