Monday, 12 September 2011

Giving the gales a run for their money!

 I suspected that I might struggle in the blustery conditions Sunday morning.  High winds do nothing to help asthmatics to breathe efficiently; and so it proved. 
 Having battled through Friday's track session in the rain.  Sunday  I didn't cope well at all and had to be
 content  , though not pleased, to draw the line at  4.5 troublesome miles and bring the week's total to 40. 

 Monday, late morning. 
All the weather forecasts are expressing great concern about gale force winds out there as the tail end of HURRICANE KATIA sweeps across the Atlantic.  Building damage, flooding and transport chaos imminent. 
 How do we runners cope?
 One of my  ways of dealing with such conditions is to ask Pat drive me out for the required distance and run back with the wind behind.  May sound a bit extreme  and a bit defeatist but  why not if the help is there?
  I certainly enjoyed and remember well an undulating 11 mile run back to Ilkley from Burnsall which took just 66 minutes as a strong westerly wind pushed me from behind all the way!  But that was quite a few years ago.
 Today it was just 7  undulating miles, wind assisted in 60 minutes; much faster and far more enjoyable than  running bent double into the south westerly gale force winds which are reported will reach up to at least 60 m.p.h. 
 It will be hard work this evening for runners trying to cope with these conditions and quite dangerous if running near to traffic.   If you are reading this before going out.....TAKE CARE!
  Hopefully you won't encounter conditions like this......

I don't think there will be many running along this sea front promenade in Saltcoats, on the west coast of Scotland!

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