Tuesday, 20 September 2011

BOGGART CHASE 10K.....VIDEOS PART 1 & 2 NOW UP on youtube

Eager to please as always, Pat  was behind the wee camera for over 20 minutes on Sunday morning.  To edit to the maximum 10 minutes which YOUTUBE permit would have meant editing out how competitors throughout the field coped with the one small and two large laps of the Boggart Hole Clough park race.
So I've edited the clips into 2. PART ONE....the laps around the track (1K) and the first small lap.
PART TWO......after lap2 and the finish. 
 As described previously  the roller coaster race involves several stiff ascents (see also yesterday's elevation off garmin) and of course the 10K distance.  
 It would appear that mature gentlemen like Mike Cunningham (1st M65) and myself may struggle for speed out of the blocks, finding ourselves, in this case, way back towards 60th place after 1K but  our basic conditioning and  speed endurance sees us come through well in the last 25% of the race.
 In this case we overtook 9 younger runners on the last arduous lap,  (What happened, Richard!!) with me eventually getting through to 42nd woth Mike 43rd.
 Mike was on my shoulder at 9K and I had to dig deep, recording a 4.11 last K to beat the M65.  However, the video shows that M35 STEVE SCOTT (Manchester Frontrunners) was not going to let a shuffling grey haired old "g*t" get the better of him.  Pat doesn't pan to shows his "bolt" to the finishing line  but .... I hit the tartan track a full 10 metres ahead of him but despite much encouragement from behind camera he lifts himself for one last majestic sprint and roasts me over the last 60 metres! Oh, to be young.  
  So many struggled with the hills. At Platt Fields 10K many struggled in the heat.
  I can't help but wonder whether many club runners are relying on the "sessions" they do, say Tuesdays and Thursdays at "the club" and are not backing this speedwork up with  what is really the easier part of training ....just GOING FOR A STEADY RUN!" 
 Runs of up to 12 miles which build the strength I would suggest to cope with tough 10ks like Sunday.
 I was asked by one runner what I would do  on the Monday after a race like this.
I said  back 25 years I would generally do two easy short runs, but now I would just do a flat run on grass of 4 miles, at least 2 minutes slower than race pace.  Easy pace, hard work but beneficial.
 He would feel "guilty" doing that.  I asked him what would he do instead? "Nothing ", he replied.

   Hope you enjoy the videos ....don't get too many crumbs from y' butties on y' keyboard!

                                                 BOGGART CHASE 10K   PART ONE....



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  1. Good to chat with you on Sunday - what happened? - a total of 4 miles running in the couple of months since I pre-entered, wasn't quite enough to see me through.
    Although some was down to lack of fitness, most of the lost time in the last mile was down to a bit of calf cramp on the final hill and I was forced to walk a few times after that to protect my rehabilitating achilles.
    I think if I had tried to keep up, then my energy wouldn't have lasted in any case!
    Just happy to be running again, especially on such an enjoyable course.