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 Nowadays,  I doubt you would see me lining up for a race of any distance having run a half marathon 7 days before.  But back in 1986 I was quite willing and able to tackle a 10K starting near to the Kirkstall Abbey, hence the title, ( see picture below) the week after the
Windmill half marathon. Heading out through Rodley and involving a very testing drag up to Horsforth before dropping back down to Kirkstall it was far from a P.B. course but nevertheless it attracted a good field and some good quality times were recorded.  
111 recorded under 40 minutes.

                             The race was put on by Leeds Postal Sports Association Harriers.

  At 37 I couldn't hold on to 24 year old clubmate JOHN CONVERY who ran 32.30 and NIGEL MONAGHAN, then with LEEDS CITY, ran away from me over the last mile or so to record 32.54 to my 33.04.
  John C. has had an excellent career. Still racing well e.g.  recording 35.04 at Salford 10K this year at 49.   He can boast many top 10 place in the UK rankings.  For example,  he ranked 2nd as a M45 in 2007.  John  followed my route and won many vets medals with Bingley Harriers but has now joined his talented son Sam at Wakefield Harriers.  I'm pretty sure Nigel is still running but racing infrequently nowadays.
 The event was significant as several local runners donned their brand new red and green Ilkley Harriers vest for the first time.  (Andy Husband, Paul Glendinning and Dave Smith)
 Ilkley COMPLETE RUNNER manager, TIM AGAR,  was well up in 16th place recording 34.45 (Skyrac A.C.) He's still very active with the club, coaching and team managing.  Amongst  11 Skyrac runners in the first 100 was GRAHAM BREEZE (37.13) who  concentrated his later efforts on the fells with much age group success.
  Valley Strider runner YVONNE BISSETT would appear to be the first lady in 38.41.  I say "appear" as the results do not show ages or sex of the runners!  Just behind her was JOHN WILLINGHAM who I've trained with a couple of times recently.  Just coming off the squash court he ran 38.43 which he would no doubt beat at the moment.    
  A break the following week then a return to Lancashire for yet another half marathon.

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