Friday, 3 June 2011


                                      TO TRACK OR NOT TO TRACK?
I drove to Nelson today fully intending to drop off this week's delivery and just do an easy 5 on the canal on the way back.   Having raced on Monday and done 4 (Tuesday)  6 (Wednesday) and 9 on the trail yesterday the old legs were feeling a tad heavy and I thought I would give the track session a miss for once.  Particularly as temperatures were reported to be well into the '20s.
  But  manager John asked me what the session would be and so I changed my mind and decided to stick to routine.
  I started to think about races to come and how a hot, steamy track session would serve as good"
acclimatisation" . I reminded myself that my rivals wouldn't be avoiding a speed session because of  high temperatures and tired I shouldn't  either!
  I must admit I nearly changed my mind having warmed up as even with just a t-shirt on I was feeling somewhat overdressed in the  lunchtime heat.   But I wasn't complaining.
It made a nice change  from all those cold  windy days I've suffered this year.   The t-shirt  came off after the first of 8 600 metres reps!   A much welcome  natural  dose of vitamin D.
  The session  of reps  went as usual  accelerating throughout; from 2:40  to 2:28, averaging out at
my 10K pace in 2:35.  So well worth  doing  and leaving me  well satisfied; but definitely an easy day tomorrow.

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