Saturday, 25 June 2011

SUN SEEKING..........

 I don't think I'm the only one finding the UK weather really depressing at the moment.  Hardly a clear sky all week.  Sudden frustrating heavy showers sweeping through usually late morning as the kit is just about to go on.   Rain jacket donned then the sun breaks through.  A hot and sticky run.  Runners seen with jackerts wrapped arpund waists. Hardly vest and shorts weather.
 Whilst sales os vests in the COMPLETE RUNNER shops could be better, the weather doesn't tend to effect the FASTRAX  side of the business. We've been sending  out hundreds of vests  each week as usual. Many recently for next week's English Schools Track & Field Championships up at Gateshead next Friday and Saturday.   I hope the event will be on Sky again. Have to look out for that.

 Sadly no TV coverage when I turned out for Lancashire in the 2000 metre steeplechase way back in 1967.
Mind you I wouldn't have look good in black and white.

 The  FASTRAX team have also been busy pulling together a great set of sublimated vests and crop tops for the ISLE OF MAN team to wear at the Inter Island Games.  Some tremendous work  by Alistair and Pat satisfying the demand for quite intricate artwork incorporating the famous 3 leg symbol.
 The sun was due to make a reappearance this weekend but as yet is being a tad shy.  After a steady 6.5 on the trail Thursday and an easy 3.5 yesterday
I ran my usual easy 3 on the grass this morning and it was very warm.
  I forecast the clouds will clear entirely about 10.55 tomorrow morning in Manchester.  The PLATT FIELDS 10k  will start 5 minutes later and  we will be  treated to temperatures in the mid 20s for an hour or so at which point it will probably pour down again!

So if you are racing tomorrow don't forget your sun screen......and your rain jacket. Have a good one!

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  1. Oooh Terry, I wondered what you were going to blog about when I saw the very nice top photo :) I hope it stays fine for you tomorrow.