Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rain? Do it your worst....I'll shelter!

TIME:  11.30 A.M.

Conversation takes place between El supremo head Weather Controller AKA  "the Boss" and Underling i/c  local conditions ref. Nelson, Lancashire, England.

The Boss,  "Ok, Lancahire lad, what you giving them folks down there"
Underling:  " Usual June weather, sir,  cool, breezy overcast with rain threatening"
The Boss:  " But I promised them rain today and lots of it"
Underling:  "When do you suggest, sir?  Before or after lunch?"
The Boss: " Help me decide. What can you see down? Anything interesting going on?
Underling: " No, motorway's pretty busy. Rain won't bother motorists though.
The Boss;  "Nothing else?"
Underling; "Oh wait a minute. Yes, that old guy's just driven up to that red circuit and looks set to run around and around like a lunatic again time and time again. Seems to do it most weeks"
The Boss:  "OK. Go for it. Give it to him.  Maximum hose strength. Plenty of wind as well.  Make it really tough for him. Should know better at his age! Silly old beggar"
Underling:  "How long for sir?"
The Boss: " Just give it ten minutes at max.  That should be enough . It is June after all!"

By the time they'd turn rain taps to maximum I'd done my warm up and tricked the rain gods by huddling up in a corner undercover at the track entrance clad in Goretex over trousers and Jacket.
Quite enjoyed the rest actually. Though it did mean having to warm up again with another mile.
Having sheltered for 15 minutes as the torrent  came and went ,  I abandoned the planned 5 x 1K session and settled for  a straight 5K  "time trial" as I call it to save time.
  Now logically one would expect that  the sum total of time taken for 5 x 1K  with intervals would be significantly less than a 5K straight off.   Agree? Not so in my case.
  Last  5 x 1K session  (just 3 weeks ago)  4.34.  4.35  4.30  4.25  4.24.................22.28
  Today  5K ...1.49  1.51  1.49  1.50  1.49  1.49  1.48  1.48  1.48  1.48  1.46  1.42  49 ... 22.30
                                  (January  25.27  February good progress!)

Perhaps if I had been able to train in the rain and then run in and get a nice hot shower i would have braved it but with the track changing being  closed  I wasn't didn't feel like getting drenched to the skin then driving 45 minutes back to Yorkshire.  But it is going to happen again and begs the question whether a change of routine might be a good idea.

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  1. was it because you ran a lap short - or have you missed a lap time out?