Monday, 27 June 2011


 The prediction for a hot race day turned out to be correct.  All the prerace banter was that the conditions would be an uncomfortable repeat of 2010.   So high temperatures, but eased for parts of the lap by a slight breeze.  Once again it would be on short and 3 longer laps;    but  just  90 runners compared with 126 last year.  Possibly many avoiding a repeat of the conditions suffered the previous year.
 I was more concerned about my right hamstring which on arrival was a tad sore. But it eased after the warm up and  didn't seem to hamper me; but the very narrow pathway start did.  Not so winner TOM CHARLES who shot away from the gun; opened up a big lead by 1K and went on to win by nearly 3 minutes in 32:58.
 My start was cautiuous as usual and after 1K I was back in 51st place.  Question was whether I would cope better in the heat with many of those in front wilting.   Answer. Yes; managing to pull back 19 gradually over the 3 large laps.  Playing catch up was the spur as the 1K marker was the only one put out; so no chance to monitor spilts without the garmin.   Finishing in a hard fought 44.17.  for 32nd.  (43.41 36th last year)
  Well beaten again in the age category by FRANK DAY of East Cheshire who ran a superb 39.45 and ALAN POVER of Stockport  42.00
  First place in the ladies race was keenly fought for between JAYNE LOWTON (Stockport) and JESSICA OLIVER-BELL credited with the same time of 42.19.  I hard to work very hard over the last lap to close a big gap  to EMMA JONES  (Belle Vue)  who sadly was not enjoying the heat at all, catching her just before the line.   No doubt reverse the result next time out on a cooler day.
 Evaluation?  Well,  of course on the record it does not look good.  One minute and 38 secs. slower than the Manchester 10K.   A totally different 10K though. Besides the heat, there's a lot of twists, turns and corners in the 4 laps and a considerable amount of  firm trail which I think slowed the pace. But most significantly there were a few I passed from 1K who would normally beat me easily and that has to be a measure of how it went and  offset the time recorded .
 Pat was out with the camera again only this time we did a video (available for view on Youtube...SHORTLY!

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