Sunday, 28 October 2012


  I must confess that I hadn't planned for this week's running,   brought to a close today , to be one of the most active of the year.  48 miles logged and they couldn't really have been covered over much more varied northern terrain;  in Cumbria, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Lancashire.
  MONDAY couldn't quite match Sunday's magnificent weather in the Lake District with such high unseasonal temperatures.  The old body was calling for a just a short run and I decided on a loop from Troutbeck taking in the DUBBS ROAD trail, repeating part of the Sunday run.
 The trail past the reservoir is deceptively steep and becomes quite rugged under foot.  I am happy to start the week with  the 5 MILES. 

But the run proves  tougher than anticipated and hardly an "easy day".

 TUESDAY'S run along the Windermere lakeshore is one I would thoroughly recommend, particularly since the path improvements by the National Trust.  
 Described more fully in a previous post this week, the trail is now fast and firm under foot all the way up to Wray Castle; with work  ongoing at present to create a nice loop around the castle grounds which make the run 6.5 to 7 miles depending on neat to the ferry terminal the run starts.  6.6 MILES.
  After several day's of trail running with the pace rarely going much below 9 mins due to the undulations and terrain, I felt it was time to hit the tarmac!

 WEDNESDAY. The classic Ilkley to A59 out and back run via Nesfield with  views of Ilkley moor starting out and views down Wharfedale as the run unwinds on the fairly quiet country lanes.  Better pace of course and that was what was needed.

THURSDAY.  Having put 45 miles in over the last 7 days, many of them tougher than normal running in the Lakes  it was tired for an easy day.  A retreat to the local playing fields for a very easy 3.4 mile jog.
FRIDAY.  Track day. Seedhill. A session of two halves.  Back straight ,  wind behind, sun on the face nice and comfortable.  Home straight,  into chilling north easterly
very uncomfortable!  4 x mile.
10k pace would have been good but  not achieved. At least they were all under 8 mins pace.  AS usual, the session proves  there is NO faster place to achieve pace better than the tartan track.
SATURDAY.  I decided to the "2 RES RUN" of Swinsty and Fewston in reverse. Readers who also do this run may be pleased to know that the stretch from the main Fewston car park to Blubberhouses is now undergoing improvement by Yorkshire Water.  More work which may upset those who like their running to be rugged under foot and muddy in places.  I shall look forward to the path reopening and seeing the fruits of their labours.

SUNDAY.  Back on the STRID WOODS trail on the Bolton Abbey grounds.  The Halloween Pumpkin Trail  has attracted the families who are seemingly not deterred by late morning cool, damp conditions.  But it's clear that many of the bedraggled youngsters have lost count of the orange pumpkin pictures pinned to trees along the riverside trail and would rather be warm and cosy watching CBBC at home.  "Are we nearly there" being heard more than once.
It was a slow fairly labourious jog today but it was  a case of persevering and sticking to the plan for the day.  The 7.5 miles of undulating trail brought the week's total to 48.  The second biggest week of the year.
  All in all a good week.  Great scenery most days but very frustrating changeable weather, making choice of kit for the runs difficult.  A track session, a longish run, plenty of undulating trail and one easy day.
 One week in which the pieces of the jigsaw DID fit nicely together.
 I hope YOUR week went equally well.  Now to think about NEXT week...

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  1. Looks like a good week. Agree about the weather - nice to nasty and back again!