Monday, 15 October 2012


There were 3 10Ks on the menu for yesterday. 2 to the west in Lancashire, the AUTUMN BREAKER 10K and the LEA TOWN 10K and 1 to the east, the WISTOW 10K from Selby.
 The Selby event looked  attractive but would have involved me struggling along at 7 mins 10k pace along country which I'd previously raced down at 5.40 mins marathon pace. Could have coped with that but glad I didn't support it as the only vets age grouops appear to have been M/F 40 and M/F 50 according  to the results. Surely not?
 In the end it came down to where I could get a shower before journeying down the M61 to see my fragile mum in Manchester. So I opted for the AUTUMN BREAKER 10K.  A repeat of last year's Spring event;
2 convoluted laps of a busy Sunday morning in Stanley Park, starting and finishing on the track. 10.30 start.
A Fylde Coast Running event.
 171 turned out for the race on a beautiful, sunny autumn morning.  A wide range of ability from the winner IAN GRIME  (Newham & Essex Beagles) winning unchallenged in 33.21 to the last lady in 78.46.
As she set out on her second lap, the first lady, who had also travelled over from Yorkshire, SUE BROWN of BAILDON had already completed her 2, in 37.12,  7th overall.
With one and half laps of the track to start my first mile was a tad faster than normal, 6.52, followed by a 7.01 and a 7.14.  The video shows I was around the 50th position at the end of the first lap but as is now fairly customary my ability to maintain the  pace means there are plenty of slowing younger runners to target.
 Second lap miles of 6.54, 7.00 bring me through to 43rd position. I pass two more runners but lose that gain as I go slightly off course (despite a clear sign) and it needs an unwelcome surge to pass them again before we hit the track. 6th mile in 7.04.
              I refer to mile spilts as this once more this 10 kilometre event was MILE marked!!
 I fully expect my young "rivals" to charge past on the track but I pleasingly manage to pull away to finish in 43.38.   2nd M60, well beaten as usual by ARNOLD MELLING who ran exceedingly well for 40.06 (18t) overall.
 So 146th 10K and another solid run at a reasonable consistent pace throughout.  I seem to be plateauing at the moment which is perhaps good as at 63 I should perhaps be getting gradually slower.   But then I think about the course today. The twists and turns, the puddles we had to run through.  That fast 4th mile when I was actually running shoulder to shoulder with another runner rather than battling through solo. 
                                Perhaps a sub 43 is possible again, who knows.
Pat was out on this sunny morning with camera.

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