Tuesday, 20 March 2012


  My first task of the day is to open up the computer and check the emails in the inbox.  They include diverted enquiries for items from our FASTRAX RANGE  www.fastrax-online.co.uk
and I like to deal with these immediately.  Whilst reasonable orders from larger clubs, counties, schools etc are frequent very often enquiries come in for single items required by individuals.  It would be easy to dismiss these requests for personalised "one-offs" but I think because we are runners ourselves we are sympathetic to the hopes and ambitions of the individual and so we do our best to cater for them.  Sometimes it's not logistically possible but in the main we are able to provide a special item for the athlete's special event.
  One such request for a single item came in recently for a red crop top for an event in March.  Now a computerised "basket" system would have simply shown "NO STOCK" ...end of story.  But having looked up the young lady on Power of Ten I had a hunch that the top might have been needed for a special event and my hunch was correct.  AMBWENE  (AMBER) SIMUKONDA required the crop top for the WORLD INDOOR ATHLETICS championships in Instanbul in which she represented MALAWI in the 400 metres running 55.51.   Looking up the national  colours we duly obliged with a black crop complete with MALAWI flag and a jacket to match.
  Not exactly a major sponsorship deal from us but we like to think we made a small contribution to her IAAF  World Indoor effort.  

 One of the photos Amber sent was of her with the 800 metre runner GAYLORD SILLY.  
You may recall that he ran  1:54.93 in the first round in Istanbul breaking the Seychelles record but failed to go further.
 Nevertheless,  for some strange reason ,can;t think why,  he attracted more attention on Twitter ("trending", apparently) than Jessica Ennis.    
 Amber is now building up for the Olympics but informs me that her place will have to fought for with other UK based sprinters in contention.  We wish her well!


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