Tuesday, 6 March 2012


  It is of course the prerogative (had to check that spelling!) of a race organiser to define the limitations of their event as theyseem fitting. After all,  generally they are volunteering their time. But I did query the decision of the organisers of the Alexandra Park 5k  in making their low key monthly  event a Womens Only one.
 I queried the decision by email and the reply came back that it was felt that many women are basically intimidated by the presence of men.   How  an ex World Vets champion jogging around a 5K in 33 minutes as Salford's Arthur walsham liked to do at over 80 can be seen as intimidating is somewhat puzzling but there you go!  They made the decision and have changed the Open Athletics website accordingly.
 So did the women of South Manchester and further afield rush to run an event they had previously ignored?
Unfortunately  it is impossible to make a direct comparison with last year's March event as someone made off with the results sheet but this is the comparison with February and April of last year.........

 2011  FEBRUARY      (Mixed field)   MEN  46  WOMEN  21
           APRIL                (Mixed field)   MEN 56   WOMEN 34
2012   MARCH        Boys and Men excluded...........WOMEN ONLY  13.
                             So not a great response, ladies! Time for a rethink?  
 If you managed to get out for a run during the day today you'll appreciate we were blessed with a really tremendous day. What a complete contrast to that miserable Sunday on the track.   Beautiful bright blue, cloudless skies; enjoyed by hundreds and myself at the reservoirs. Absolutely fabulous.
    March in England, what a month; never know what to expect or wear from one day to another!
                          Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera.............next time.

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