Sunday, 18 March 2012


 I'm sure today there are, all over the country, some very tired but relieved youngsters with the end  of the cross country season.  The very best have had the NATIONAL champs, , the INTER COUNTIES and the ENGLISH SCHOOLS championships all in the last 4 weeks.  Some finale!
  The 3 major national championships always makes for a very busy time for us at FASTRAX .  It is pleasing of course to see our product in action but even more so when the INTER COUNTY event is covered by SKY.   Gratifying to see so  many of the vests sent out in the days and weeks before flashing across the TV SCREEN!
  Particularly when worn by top stars such as STEPH TWELL who ran magnificently for second in the Inter Counties behind GEMMA STEEL considering the misfortune she suffered with her horrific lower leg injury.
  I didn't make county standard as a senior following my lung surgery but I was fortunate to be selected for Lancashire Schools and Lancashire for the Inter Counties as a youth/ junior man.  Back in 1967  the National was later and it meant we had to run  the 3 major championships on 3  consecutive  weekends.   
   I was 12th in the Northern and our SALE team won with a low 37 points.  But I let the team down in the National  (97th) and  we were pushed back to 5th team.
 I redeemed myself however with 12th in the Inter Counties (5th Lancashire counter!) and 18th in the English Schools.  Lancashire winning both titles. London Marathon race director David Bedford was 2nd in the schools race. Those were the days!
  I was doing about the same amount of training as a 17/18 year old as I am now.  Only the 40 or so miles a week takes a lot longer particularly when so many miles in the week are "offroad" to make it easier on  the old limbs.
 I did however manage a creditable 5K time trial on the track this week which contributed to my 40 miles.   Creditable but I hard to work very hard to dip under 23 minutes..........22.55.  Not too bad I suppose for a solo effort and one which suggest I could well dip under 22 in a flat fast race.
  But having passed that test I still feel I need to give the leg a test over 10/12 miles before the Wilmslow Half.  
                Meanwhile, I hope your week went well and you are making good progress.

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