Friday, 9 March 2012


  Sunday's track session satisfied my lust for speed (!) this week so it's been a week of hitting the fine, picturesque trails;  albeit with a twist to make the runs include more inclines.  I think I'm guilty of too many flat runs and avoiding the hills!
  I made Wednesday the key session to leave a bit in the legs for a race this weekend to kick off my 2012 season.
 Two laps of the undulating STRID WOODS trails
at Bolton Abbey with just a flat half approach and return.
 I think at time we runners forget just how much effort we put in compared with the general public.
For example, I may get asked, "What have you run today?" and I may say, "just an easy 5".  But compare that with a group of "hikers" who  set off on Wednesday as I started the run.  They certainly looked the part all geared up with their boots, gaiters, water proofs etc.  They looked ready to tackle sub zero temperatures at high altitude.   Off they went clockwise, many with walking sticks as I went anticlockwise.
  I'd covered an undulating 2.5 miles when I saw them next.  They were all sat around in one of the shelters on the trail having lunch.  They had barely walked a mile!  I saw them again on my 2nd loop.  I notched up 6.5 to their 1.5!  Easy life!
 But at least they were doing something rather than sat at home watching day time TV and taking in more fully I suppose the splendour of the surroundings.
  Wednesday evening Pat and I watched the 7-1 Barcelona humiliation of Bayer Leverkusen  with GARETH SOUTHGATE  being one of the pundits.   It was funny then that the next morning our paths cross on the reservoir trail  around Swinsty.  When I met him again as he completed his run, I stopped to tell him that we thought he should apply for the England football manager's job.  I said I thought he had the knowledge, was articualte and intelligent and Pat thought he had the good looks compared to Harry Redknap. He said he would rather concentrate on his coaching duties; and who could blame him. The England job being somewhat of a poisoned chalice.
  It's an easy jog on the grass for me today. Looks like I could finally digging out my SALE HARRIERS race vest, finding a set of pins and putting a number on!  
   The start of my 50th  season of competition. Let's hope it's a good one........and for you also!

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  1. Good luck with the start of your 50th season Terry, that's quite a milestone, make it a good one!