Sunday, 8 January 2012


Whilst longer term aims have still to be defined, quite clearly if I am to match or get anywhere near to last year's time short term goals, I  have to be to inject some faster pace miles into the week and regain strength will some increase in the longest run of the week.  Simple...on the planner.
  Problem being the  extremely strong gales prevailing for most of this week and the constant thought that the calf might not be up to the task!
  The weather is always a factor at this time of year.  Plans can fall apart or be difficult to fulfill with gales prevalent  or poor underfoot conditions.   This week it was a case of coping with some of the strongest winds for years. 
 Fortunately , Pat helped  me manage Tuesday's run by driving me 6 miles to the west and I ran back home gale assisted.  With the constant threat of being blown off the pavement into the path of adjacent traffic!
  Wednesday Sally and I sought shelter with 2 laps of the res. Nice to have some company for a change!  Thanks Sally.
 Thursday's track session went well with a solid 5K time trial,  as the gales thankfully abated.  The sun even made an appearance as an added bonus.
  Following two  so called easy days combatting the wind on the grass (4/3) it just left  today and  the task of nudging the "long run"  up to 10 miles.   Contrary to the "the book"  I ran down the canal with the wind behind in 45 minutes and  managed a better second half despite a fairly strong headwind.  Pleasing.
 So week one's goals achieved!
 40 miles covered.   Spot on last year's average.
 Track session completed.  The calf stood up to the better pace.
 Longest run increased to 10 miles.

Week one last year I limped through
4......4....3.....3.....0.....0.......2..........16 miles.
This year  I ran through
4......6 ....6.5.....6 .....4.....3.5......10.......40 miles

Plenty of room for improvement and progrssion .............but a much better start to 2012!
I hope your week one went well also.  Let's keep it up!

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  1. Always good to get off to a good start - all the best for 2012