Sunday, 22 January 2012


 Whilst it's nice to have the freedom that being semi-retired gives me for training and other home activities it's also great, on occasions,  to get back to the coal face and spend some time iin the COMPLETE RUNNER shops;   listening to customers and help satisfy their running needs.
 Pat and I worked in the Nelson branch on Friday and Saturday and as always the experience proved invaluable in learning how running fits into the lives of boys and girls and men and women of all ages up to eighty. Such was the variety of customers who kept us very busy over the 2 days.
  But no so busy that I couldn't excuse myself for track session on Friday; followed by a gentle jog over 5 miles on Saturday morning.
 FRIDAY..........TRACK SESSION. This was the first rep session of the year in week 3 and I elected  to do 5 x 1K .  A session I had completed in week 6 last year;  so I was keen to see how times would compare.  A year older and essentially rebuilding anything close would be very acceptable.
Last year  I recorded  4.47   4.41   4.38   4.39   and  finished with a swifter 4.30.  I did not try to work to these times but in reviewing the session it was good to see that Friday's were very close except the last one during whioch I lost concentration and failed to finish with my fastest rep time.
So for the record   5 x 1K reps with a generous 2.20 jog/ walk interval recovery in cold blowy conditions.                                   4.44   4.42   4.40   4.37  4.37
  Plenty of scope for progression by increasing the reps,  reducing the recovery and of course getting them faster!  But it was a reasonable start, nevertheless.
In the last post I said it's easier to focus when training with others and so it proved on Friday.  I certainly  lost focus on that last rep.   I think I was getting hungry and started to think about what I was eating for lunch!  But still  the session overall was within one second on average on the same session in 2011,  provided good feedback on current fitness and  also gives a good idea of race time expectation.   Providing of course that I can find a race in the near future that is not already booked up.  
   Saturday's out and back jaunt on the canal was a gentle as I could make it  although I did manage a short sprint when attacked by a gaggle of geese who were probably in a bad mood as they couldn't comfortably swim in the water which had formed into choppy waves created by the gale force winds.
   Gales which  continued throughout the night and this morning brought through driving rain from the west as usual.   However Pat offered to drive me out and I was able to run back for 8 wind assisted miles. Now you may consider that  "wimpy" but as I've said before gale force winds and asthmatic runners are not compatible.
  The 8 miler brought the week's total to a solid 42.  No quantity progression but progression quality wise with  the track session and  several other miles in the week sub 8. So a pleasing week.
                              I hope and trust your week went equally well.  


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