Thursday, 5 January 2012

Keeping track of current fitness

 Quite obviously at this stage of build up after the period of R.& R. I know I'm far from 100% race ready. However,
sometimes it's useful to set a little test  for oneself just to see how things are going.  Let's call it an "interim report" !
 I know many would use  a parkrun  for this purpose but I resorted to my 5K track time trial  today  in conditions which were very much improved than those of late  with the sun making a  welcome  reappearance .
  I did similarly after injury over Christmas & New Year in 2011.   That 5k effort on January 28th produced a modest but satisfactory 25.27.
 Today I honestly hadn't  a  clue what to expect.   Very little running had been done over the last month at under 9 mins pace. With the gales of the last few days passing through to leave clear blue skies it was pleased as the laps all peeled off at just seconds over 2 mins. for a final clocking of 25:31.
 So I guess in real terms I'm 3 weeks ahead of where I was this time last year  at an age when I'm already trying to combat Old Father Time.
 It was certainly good to get back on the track. There really is no better place for nudging up the pace!

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