Thursday, 29 December 2011

You must be jesting!

 Unlike this year's period of recuperation, rest and recovery which was "injury driven" ;  the period of  R. & R. in 1986 was well deserved and very welcome.   22 races, including 2 marathons, a 30K and 6 half marathons  had been listed after all.  I was ready for a break.
 The month of November had seen weekly mileage brought down from a peak of 89 at the beginning to just 23 by the month end.   I had picked up things again in december and had an eye on a road race in the New Year on January 6.  A 6 miler at Woodkirk ,  near Leeds.
 But friends we were staying with in Poulton , Lancashire had other plans for me.   How could I possibly not take part in the local POULTON JESTER'S FUN RUN in aid of local charities?!
 Protestations about  competing "illegally" with minors in unregistered races and reference to the copious amount of  lager, wine and and festive spirit we had enjoyed over the Christmas period were waved aside.
 So  I donned longsleeve and tights and  was virtually pushed out of the door to join 220 others for  the 6.5 mile "punishment" run as I called.   I could have said no to another lager.  I could have said no to another glass of wine!  But I didn't. So this race would act as my penance no matter how I felt.
The picture from the local paper  clearly shows how a bunch of local youngsters set  off determined to  firmly put their elders and betters in their place.!
 But local teacher CHRIS NELLIGAN  wasn't going to be beaten by any of his pupils  or me neither and ran away to finish first in 33.42  beating me by a good half a minute for second. 
Not planned but all in all a very good workout!

Nowadays I would follow up such a race with  a very short recovery run of 3 or 4 miles.  The 1986 tells a different story.........13.5 miles the following day.  C'est la vie!

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