Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Video.....Ribble Valley 10k 2011

 Resisting the temptation to enter on the day and trundle around well over 50 minutes I decided instead to just do some filming.  If Pat had been with me we could have filmed the start ,  at two  points on the course and then the finish; but being alone it was only possible to film the start and finish.
 Conditions were pretty favourable for the race.  Mild temperatures and not overly windy.  A great tussle at the sharp end between Jonny Mellor, Ricky Stevenson and Alistair Brownlee running a PB over one of his Olympic triathlon disciplines.  
 If you've 13 minutes to spare...........................
                        VIDEO UPDATED WITH MUSIC 
                AND REPUBLISHED ON 23RD DEC 2012

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