Sunday, 11 December 2011

Patiently behaving myself!

 The  target for this second week of rest and recovery was  approx. 20  miles.....easy!  just less than half my normal average mileage.  Designed  to satisfy both the need to give the old body a bit of a respite and of course not overwork the recovering calf strain.
 Runs of 2,  3,  3.5, 2, 3 off road through the week had gone OK so yesterday  I felt ready to test the leg on the road over 4 miles.  Normally this run would be the easiest run of the week. Yesterday it was elevated to the hardest  run of the week and an important one as far as monitoring the recovery was concerned.   Fortunately all went well.
 Today it was good to revisit the reservoirs,  albeit for one circuit of the shorter one and  it was pleasing that the calf coped with a long uphill finish.   Another 4 which tipped the total to 21.5. 
 So basically I think I'm behaving myself quite well!  No choice really.
Regular blog readers know how much I like my,  perhaps pedantic,  quantity targets.
Anything to aid motivation!  
At this stage, fingers crossed, I should have no problem  reaching 2000 miles for the year as I only need  to run another 25.  But it would have been nice to reach 2080 and notch up the yearly average to 40, wouldn't it.
  A few weeks ago that looked no problem but now might be a big ask.
 Meanwhile , I'll keep treating the leg and see how the rest of the year goes.
Finishing the year in better spirits must  be PAULA RADCLIFFE and MARA YAMOUCHI who learnt this week they have been preselected for the 2012 London Olympic marathon.  I experienced the  greatest high of my running career running shoulder to shoulder with Grete Waitz in the London marathon;  with the crowds in the last miles  screaming her on to that world record.   So just think how uplifting the atmosphere will be for the GB girls will crowds lining the whole course!  It's going to be so amazing for them!
                                             Question is who will grasp the third place?
Claire Hallisey,  Jo Pavey,   Louise Damon or perhaps Northern stars Susan Partridge or Alison Dixon.   What a prize to get them through the winter!!

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